Best Golf Set For Beginners (2023) Reviewed

Apart from the best golf sets for men, we’ve also included the Best Golf Set For Women Beginners and the Best Golf Set For Junior Beginners

In a hurry? these are the best sets we reviewed

Best Women's
Precise Premium
Quality Construction
Available in 3 sizes
Graphite Shafts
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Best Junior
Wilson Junior Set
Aged 5-12 Years
Graphite Shafts
Solid Construction
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Let’s take a look at the best sets in more detail…

1. Wilson Ultra

This is our pick for the best golf set for a beginner. I’ve been recommending this set to all my students, and my grandson also has a set.

So what’s so great about the Wilson Ultra?

What’s so great about is the Wilson Ultra set are solid, and the irons feel like they belong in a higher priced set.

The bag is well-made and light, with lots of pockets, and stand.

As with all sets at this price point, you don’t get a full set of clubs, but you have more than you need for getting around the golf course.

The cavity backed irons are very forgiving, ideal for a beginner. The ever popular heel/toe putter comes with a soft alignment grip. I found the putter to be excellent, and you really get a nice feel when striking the ball.

What does the set include?

  • Driver
  • 3-Wood
  • 4-Hybrid
  • 5- to 9- Irons
  • A Pitching Wedge
  • A Putter

The irons have a low centre of gravity which helps when you’re looking for accuracy and distance. Around the greens they have a delicate touch for a heavier club, and plays great for a beginner.

After I bought these clubs I noticed my golf game go from sub par to intermediate/advanced. Other people at the golf course also noticed and I heard whispers of “That guy is most definitely an intermediate/advanced player”

Wilson Ultra reviewer

As with all sets at the lower end of the market, there are a few gripes. Some comments point out the finish could be better on the driver, and to be fair my grandson’s does look like it’s seen better days.

2. Callaway Strata

If you know something about golf, you’ve probably heard of Phil Mickelson, one of the best modern day golfers, and one of the few left-handed players. Phil plays with Callaway clubs.

Callaway has a great reputation for producing high quality clubs, and this set is no different. If you’re a beginner in golf, walking on to the course with this set, is going to give you a sense of confidence.

The clubs are set up for the beginner, they are tremendously forgiving, and will help you with distance and ball control.

Get off to a great start! and you have everything you need. Choose between a 12 or 16 piece set. We’d recommend the 16 piece Ultimate as you get an additional hybrid and 4 head covers.

The Strata 12 piece set is designed for maximum performance right out of the box; The set includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 9 Iron, PW, Putter, Stand Bag and 2 Head covers.

Strata Ultimate is designed for ultimate distance and ultimate performance; This set includes: driver, 3 wood, 4 and 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW and SW, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 Head covers.

Having the additional hybrid in the 16 piece is going to help you in more positions around the fairway. The sets come for right and left handed players, and in either a blue or red bag.

The bag is made of good quality material and will last you several years.

Hybrids are used to fill the gap between 1-4 irons, and are an easier club to handle for a beginner.

3. Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package

You’re getting real vale for money with this golf set. With more clubs than most at this price, you’ll find yourself on the golf course with plenty of options with this set. They’re ideal if your a tall person with a +1 version.

Set includes:

  • 460cc Titanium Enhanced Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 21 Hybrid
  • 5,6,7,8,9 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Mallet Style Putter
  • Stand Bag
  • Head covers

Although the set looks a bit retro for some, don’t be put off by the design, both the driver and 3 wood are powerful, giving your opponents more to look at when you drive one down the fairway.

The irons like all the ones in this review are cavity backed, and made graphite/True temper Steel, making them feel pretty solid. They’re not as flexible as a true graphite shaft, so you’re going to have to hit the ball with some muscle.

With a modern style mallet putter, your sure to be making those 10 foot putts.

To keep everything together the set comes with a backpack style carry strap stand bag.

Personally, I like the older style look of the set, and you sure get some quality clubs to get you around the course easily, and at a reasonable price.

Overall: This is a good value set of clubs, with lots of comments referring to them being ideal for a beginner or if you’re a little more advanced.

4. Tour Edge Bazooka 370

Get started with this beginner set of golf clubs, and you won’t regret taking up the sport. Tour Edge are renowned for making professionals clubs, and this beginner doesn’t fail to impress.

Set includes:

  • Driver
  • 3 Fairway Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5-SW Irons
  • Putter
  • Dual Strap Stand Bag

The shafts are uniflex graphite/steel, giving the beginner plenty of power, to get the ball flying down the fairway, for even for someone with a weak swing.

The irons have a low centre of gravity, and are cavity backed to help the beginner get the ball flying high.

The putter has an easy alignment feature to help with those longer putts, and a good sized bag with pockets.

Reviewer 1: Love my Tour Edge golf set, I’d recommend them for anyone to start with.

Reviewer 2: As a beginner/casual golfer these clubs with should last a few years.

Overall: Great set, and backed by a renowned company. You get all the clubs you would need for a round of golf, and there is also a senior set available.

5. Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf

The golf clubs look smart in the all black bag. Made by the Precise golf company, the Aspire XD1 set is ideal for the beginner. The titanium driver has a large clubhead that is going to get you down the fairway in a straight line.

Set includes:

  • 460cc Titanium Driver, 
  • Fairway Wood, 
  • Hybrid, 
  • 6-PW Irons, 
  • Putter, 
  • Stand Bag, 
  • 3 Headcovers
  • Stainless Steel Woods and Irons

The fairway wood feels solid with lots of forgiveness. The set also includes a hybrid which is now a popular replacement for the low irons, and much easier to handle. A mallet style putter completes the set.

The dual strap bag is lightweight and comes with a stand, keeping your clubs close to hand. Also included are 3 headcovers to keep them clean and dry.

Reviewer 1: I’ve taken these out to the driving range 4 times and have no complaints

Reviewer 2: The driver and 3 wood are average quality, but worth the money for the irons

Overall: This is a good set for the beginner, and comes in two sizes for the taller golfer, but only available for right handers. You may want to replace the driver and wood at a later date.

6. Wilson Beginner Set Stretch XL (Left Handed)

Phil Mickelson is a famous left handed player, and this set is one for you. Made by Wilson, the Stretch XL set is an ideal beginners golf set for the left hander.

Set includes:

  •  Driver
  • 3 wood
  • 5 hybrid
  • 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter

You won’t be disappointed from this set designed for left handed players. The driver has a maximum 460cc head that gives you the largest sweet spot for greater accuracy.

With a very low centre of gravity you will be able to launch the ball in a straight line.

With a hybrid and 5,6,7,8 and 9 Irons and a pitching wedge and sand wedge you’ve got every shot covered.

Wilson strata golf set left-hand

The mallet style putter comes with unique aids to align your putts. The putter face features a milled polymer insert for improved feel and accuracy.

The set comes with head covers for the woods and hybrids, and a lightweight bag with many pockets to store your golf essentials.

Reviewer: First class clubs just what you would expect from Wilson. Great for a lefty”

7. M3 Custom Golf (For Men 6’0 to 6′ 6″)

If you’re a taller man you will find you have limited choice. There are a few sets available, so you won’t feel left out . These clubs have 1″ longer shafts, and are ideal for anyone between 6′ and 6’6″.

Best Golf Set For Women Beginners

8. Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

Another Wilson set makes the top ten this is a ladies set. The whole set is excellent quality and ideal for the lady beginner.

The set looks and feels like a more expensive set. Designed with women in mind the graphite shafts make this a light set to use and carry.

The driver is high lofted to get the ball up in the air quickly, and has the standard large sweet spot.

The lightweight cavity backed graphite irons have all weather grips. The clubs come right or left handed and are available in 3 sizes. Petite, Regular and Tall.

The set includes a sand wedge and putter

The premium bag has 3 fleeced pocket lined interiors,which have enough room for all your extras. The bag has rugged strap, which looks and feels well made, and a stand.

Reviewer:I worried about the quality of the clubs and bag for the price, but they have exceeded my expectations and are holding up nicely.

Reviewer: “I love them!! I’ve only had it for 2 weeks so far but already I feel like I’m playing better. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry, even on one shoulder .”

9. Precise Premium MDXII Ladies

The Precise MDXII club set from Precise is an excellent set for a lady golfer. What makes this such a good set is that the clubs have ultra light graphite shafts. They look good too...

The Precise Premium MDXII is also available in three sizes, so you should have no trouble finding the right sized clubs.

  • Petite Size for ladies 5’3″ and below
  • Standard Size for ladies 5’3″ – 5’8″
  • Tall Size for ladies 5’8″ and above

Great clubs! These are not my first set of clubs, so come at this with some experience. They hold up well and are easy to get used too. Nice balance and great distance and control.

Precise MDXII Reviewer

What does the set include?

  • 460cc Titanium Driver – Loft 10.5
  • Fairway Wood
  • 5-PW Irons
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag
  • Matching Deluxe Dual-Strap Golf Bag
  • Headcovers
  • Rainhood

Several people have commented the extra distance they have been getting due to the graphite shafts on the Precise Premium MDXII irons. The titanium driver is light and built for power.

Precise have been making golf equipment since 1987, and manufacture a wide range of golfing equipment.

Their beginner sets have been gaining popularity over the past few years.

If your a lady looking for their first golf set you won’t find a better set of golf clubs.

Overall: At the price, we believe your getting a great set of beginner clubs. Graphite shafts will help your swing, and you’ll get increased distance. A great looking set that will get you off to the best start, and be with you for a few years.

Best Golf Set For Junior Beginners

10. Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

The Wilson Profile golf sets are designed for juniors aged 5 to 12 years olds. They’re a great beginner set to get your child of to the best start. Even if they’ve never picked up a golf club before, it won’t be long before they’re hitting the balls down the fairway.

Most reviewed the golf set as well constructed, with a comfortable bag, and flexible shafts. They come in various sizes to fit most heights, and are available with right and left handed clubs.

Each Wilson Profile Junior Set is color coded to make it easier for you to choose match the right set with the height of your child, as indicated in the chart below.

Steel back cavity clubs help your child strike the ball with easy, and further than they would normally expect! The weight is shifted into the lower part of the club to help your child get the ball into the air.

The driver is designed with a lower profile, and flatter sole, to stop them going over the ball. With the inclusion of a hybrid they have all bases covered to help them get around the golf course.

The dynamic wedge has the look of a blade, but with a large sweet spot and cavity back, they will feel like they’re playing with grown up clubs.

The putter is your standard blade type with a soft insert across the club face, and this is fine for the junior just starting out, they may feel they want to add a mallet type putter later as they improve.

The graphite shafts will help them them hit longer and more accurate shots and build confidence.

It’s worth remembering that this is a junior set, and your not going to get a full set of clubs. These sets are designed to get your kid involved and excited about playing golf.

Overall most reviews for this set were overwhelmingly positive, although some reviewers did comment that the grips were a little thin. This however can be sorted if they choose to keep the set longer, before moving up to a bigger set.

For more junior golf club set choices view are reviews here>

Why buy a beginner golf set?

So why choose a beginners golf set over selecting individual clubs? Experienced golfers will have a mixed selection of clubs in their bag. They have the advantage of trying other clubs over time to find which is more suitable for their game.

The chances are that even more advanced golfers started off with a beginners set of clubs, before they were more confident to start mixing it up.

For a beginner, buying a set of clubs the off the shelf is the best option. The advantage of a buying a complete set is they’ll have the same feel with the grip and swing with each club.

What to look for when buying Beginner Golf Sets…

The irons will be cavity backed to help with distance and accuracy, The putter will be nicely weighted, and the driver will have a large sweet spot, plus you get all the extras, like a bag covers and stand.

Hybrids take the place 1-4 irons in a golfers bag. these irons can be difficult to control longer shots when starting out. They help the beginner to control the ball better and can be used off the fairway rough or tee. 14-16=1iron

Hybrid Loft14-1617-1910-2122-2324-2729-3232+
Equivalent Iron1234567

Graphite Shafts are light which help increase swing speed and distance, this makes them ideal for a beginner, as they are more forgiving.

True Temper Shaft is a company that developed a shaft that lies in between graphite and steel, and is ideal for the beginner and improved golfer. The shaft has the flexibility of graphite and the strength of steel.

Steel Shafts vibrate more and give the golfer more feedback when striking the ball, they are used mainly by advanced golfers who can have more control of the ball.

Golf club manufacturers also refer to the flexibility in the shaft by:

  • Extra Stiff – Professional type golfers who can hit over 300 yards
  • Stiff Shaft – Advanced Golfer who constantly drives over 250 yards
  • Regular Flex – Graphite type shaft ideal for the beginner
  • Senior Flex – Older player who’s swing speed as slowed with age.
  • Ladies Flex – A soft flex for women who generally have the lowest club speed

‘Forgiving’ is a word that refers to how the golf club is designed for beginners or high handicapper to compensate for a poor strike of the ball.

Size is also important when choosing a set of golf clubs. Check when buying a set that they are right for your height. Most sets will have a standard size for someone between 5 foot 8 inches and 6 foot. For a taller person choose +1 if available.

Right Handed and Left handed clubs are also available for most club sets.

Which club do I use for each hole?

Whether you’re in the rough or sitting pretty on the green, each club in the bag is designed to help you make the best of your next shot. So let’s take a look at the clubs in your bag.


When taking your first shot off the tee, you’d normally take out the driver. The driver, also known as the 1-wood has the largest club head and the lowest loft.

Although the driver has the largest head of all the clubs in the bag, the long shaft makes it difficult to control for a beginner.

The wide arc you take when swinging the club can cause many missed shots. Having a few sessions at the driving range can help you get the driver under control. All this makes the driver the hardest club to control for a beginner.

Fairway Woods

When your ball is lying on the fairway, a fairway wood could be the next club out of your bag. This depends on the distance or if you’re facing any hazards.

The lower profile and smaller head of the fairway wood are easier to use off the fairway.

The woods originally made of persimmon or hickory, are nowadays made from metals like steel or titanium.

Metal is more durable and lighter than wood. This helps the golfers of all levels hit the ball longer and straighter.


Next clubs are the long irons. Irons are used within approximately 200 yards of the green, and numbered 1 to 9. 

The long irons with the longest shafts are used for longer distance shots nearer the green. The 3, 4 and 5 irons.

Around the 130 to 180 yard to the flag,  you’re going to be using a 6, 7 or 8 irons. Known as the middle irons, these clubs are used to fly the the ball high onto the green.

Golf club lofts
Golf clubs


The 1 and 2 irons are out of favour nowadays, and golfers prefer using the newer styled hybrid. 1 and 2 irons are much harder to control for the beginner.

The introduction of the hybrid has helped the beginner to intermediate get around the course easier.

A hybrid as the name suggests is a mix of a long iron and a wood. The reason hybrids are now the club of choice especially for the beginner is that they offer much more control than a long iron. 

The head of a hybrid is much larger and more rounded with a lower centre of gravity and has varying loft angles, making the hybrid less likely to twist just before and as you strike the ball.

You’ll be pulling out your 9 iron or Pitching wedge once your close to the flag. These clubs have the loft to chip the ball onto the green.

There are going to be times when you find yourself in a hazard like a bunker or the rough. The sand wedge is going to get you out of a bunker, and an iron or pitching wedge are the clubs of choice to get you out of a difficult situation.


So you’ve reached the green, and you’re ready to putt out. The putter is going to be the most used club in your bag, so you need to be sure you have the right one.

Putters have a shaft length of about 32″ to 35″. You’ll know when you have the right putter. Putting is all about feel grip and weight. Some golfers like to hold the putter further down the shaft this will give them more control of the putt.

Putters have changed over the years. In the past flat blade putters were the putter of choice, in recent years mallet putters have become more popular.

With a smaller sweet spot and less forgiveness the the blade putter was the popular putter used by some of the greats of the sport.

The new styled mallet putter has become the putter most golfer’s use today. The mallet putter is more forgiving due weighted back. This gives more balance when striking the ball, and less likely to twist, much like the hybrid woods.

Fighter Plane Head cover Blade Mid Mallet Putters for Scotty Cameron  Camouflage | eBay

Other types of putters available include the belly and broomstick. These longer style putters came with a longer shaft. The shaft would reach your body, and held differently to the normal putter. Although due to rule changes the these type of clubs are rarely seen nowadays.

Should I buy a new or used set of clubs?

This is question I often get asked, and I can understand that buying a used set of clubs can be the way to go if money is tight. I always tell my students that if you can afford a new set, go for it!

The reason is that you don’t know if the condition of the golf set. Even if they look great, the joints may be wearing and you could find that in a few rounds they start to fall apart. The club face grooves will be worn, and the grips will normally be smooth and need replacing.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf sets?

Women on average are shorter than men at an average height of 5’4″ compared 5′ 9″ for men. For this reason manufacturers make women’s golf clubs shorter.

Women normally have smaller hands and their club grips will be shorter and a smaller in diameter.

The loft of the driver will typically have a 12-degree loft, while a man’s degree of loft will be 9 to 11 degrees. The higher loft angle will get the ball flying high and further. Ladies’ irons will be lighter and usually have graphite shafts to help with a slower swing.

How long will my beginner clubs last?

This depends on many factors, but on average you can expect to get 3 years out of a golf set. This is based on playing a round of golf one to two times per week. You’ll get less than 3 years if you’re hitting at the driving range too.

The club head groves wear down on the club face giving you less control over the ball. The joints where the clubhead meets the shaft will weaken and if not repaired the head can become detached from the shaft. Golf clubs are repairable at the pro shop.

By the time your first set starts to fall apart, your golf game should have improved, and it will be a good time think about investing in a better quality set. Or replace the worn clubs individually.

The old adage of you get what you pay for can be the same in golf. The more you spend on a golf club or set, the longer they will last, with some players using the same club for 20 years. Replacing a worn grip can bring the club back to life.

Top brands like Callaway, Ping and Taylormade make clubs with better quality materials, that will last many years with care.

How do you maintain golf clubs?

If you’ve invested a chunk of change in buying your golf clubs. Then it’s a good idea to take care of them.

The best way give your clubs longevity is to to clean them after every round. You’ll get the optimum performance out of each club if you remove dirt and grit from the club face.

The grooves on the club face help grip the ball at contact, which in turn will give your shots spin a and make the ball fly straight. This is most important in your short game.

Keeping a small towel in your bag will help keep your clubs clean after each shot. After a round or hitting a few balls at the driving range, cleaning the clubs with a wet will keep your golf gear in great condition.

Don’t forget to clean your golf shoes too. Removing the mud and debris from your spikes will help them last longer.

When you get the opportunity give your clubs a soaking in some warm water and mild dish soap. Avoid getting the hosel too wet or you many find the ferrule (covering of the joint to strengthen the club head and hosel) will deteriorate.

The club head grooves can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a soft bristle brush. Never use a wire brush, as this will scratch the surface.

You need dry conditions when storing your bag and clubs. Any humidity in the air and your clubs can rust. A garage is fine for short term storage.

If you don’y play too often or you need to store them for a longer time, like over the winter, it’s advisable to keep them in your home.

It’s normal to carry your clubs in the trunk of the car which is fine unless it’s a hot day. Temperatures in a car trunk can reach 200F, and that can cause serious damage to the epoxy joints, and melt the glue that sticks the grips to the shaft.

During extreme cold weather the damage can be just as bad. Grips can crack and split, so think about where is best to store your clubs.

How can I protect my clubs from being damaged?

There are some steps you can take to protect your clubs from damage. Most club sets come with golf club covers to protect them from each other.

Sets generally come with a rain hood to keep golf clubs dry. The rain hood fits around the top of the bag to stop any moisture. With the grips of the clubs lying at the bottom of the bag, any water can easily damage the grips.

Finally, a golf travel bag will keep your clubs safe when travelling, especially by air. You care about your golf clubs, but the airline staff won’t so much.

In Conclusion

If you’re serious about taking up golf as a beginner, there is no better way to starting than with a beginners golf set.

Everything you need to complete a round of golf will be in your bag, giving you the confidence that all the clubs are made by the same manufacturer specifically for a beginner.

Although you get all the clubs you need in a golf set you will still need a comfortable pair of golf shoes, and some suitable golf wear.