What do girls wear golfing

Polo shirts and Khaki shorts have been the golf wear for girls in the past. With younger and fashion conscious girls now playing golf, what girls want to wear on the golf course is changing. Women’s golf today is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. According to the NGF (National Golf Federation) … Read more

11 Best Beginner Golf Balls (2021)

Choosing the right golf ball for a beginner is as important as choosing the right golf clubs. if you find the right ball it can add many yards of distance to your game. Their are many types of golf balls some soft some hard. Players have different swing speeds that can effect the flight of … Read more

What Golf Balls Do Pros Use (2021)

We’ve compiled a list of the golf balls the top professionals use on tour. The most popular pro golf balls in 2020 are the Titleist Pro V1x, Bridgestone Tour B XS, TaylorMade TP5, Callaway Chrome Soft X. What golf balls do men pros use (2020) Tiger Woods – Bridgestone Tour B XS Rory Mcllroy – … Read more

10 Best Comfortable Golf Shoes (In 2021)

Gone are the days when golf shoes looked like dress shoes, with hard metal spikes which tore up the putting greens around the world. Your feet would feel totally uncomfortable and painful after a few hundred yards. The modern day golf shoe feels more like wearing slippers. The transformation of the golf shoe has made … Read more