What does golf teach you?

The life lessons golf teaches you Lessons learned from golf teach you valuable life lessons like fairness, patience, integrity, trust, humility, honesty and hard work. All these values like in life are important to be a good person and good golfer. “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad … Read more

Golf terminology for beginners

Get your terminology right, and you’re going to sound like you belong on the golf course. Get it wrong and you’ll want the ground beneath you to open up.  Walking around golf courses and clubhouses, you’ll hear golfers use terms that you’ll be unfamiliar with. OK! You’re not playing the PGA tour, but you’ll need … Read more

Do you need a full set of golf clubs?

If you’re heading to the golf course you will need a full set of golf clubs, without them you are going to handicap yourself. According to the USGA a golfer is allowed 14 clubs in their bag. This can include: Three woods (driver, 3-wood and 5-wood) Eight irons, (3-9 iron and pitching wedge) Putter These … Read more

How to get kids into golf

So you love golf, and you want to get your kids involved. It’s a great idea! There is nothing better than taking you kids to play a round of golf. It’s fun! Spending time on the golf course away from smart phones, computers and social media, is a great way too spend some quality time … Read more

Where Is The Sweet Spot On A Golf Club?

If you can drop a ball on your club face and it pings back at you, then you’ve found the sweet spot. The sweet spot is usually in the centre or heal of the club. In technical terms the club face has an optimal flex point. When the ball hits that point, it’s known as … Read more

How Easy Is Golf To Learn?

Golf is a sport you can start at any age, and is easy to learn with practice. I started at the age of 6, and I’m now in my sixties! The basic mechanics of swinging a club to hit a ball through the air is fairly easy. It becomes more difficult when you need to … Read more

7 Driving Range Tips For Beginners

OK! I think we can all agree that golf can be a frustrating game for amateurs or even the great Tiger Woods. Watching Tiger, Rory or Big Phil can make think how did they get so good! Don’t forget these guys, are practicing everyday. To improve your game there is only one place to start, … Read more

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Playing Golf (Step by Step Guide)

You’re here because you want to learn how to play golf. Great news! Playing golf has given me lots of pleasure, and I’ve also met many people who are now my friends. The game can be frustrating, annoying to the point you could tear your hair out, if I had any! The pure joy and … Read more