How Easy Is Golf To Learn?

Golf is a sport you can start at any age, and is easy to learn with practice. I started at the age of 6, and I’m now in my sixties! The basic mechanics of swinging a club to hit a ball through the air is fairly easy. It becomes more difficult when you need to … Read more

7 Driving Range Tips For Beginners

OK! I think we can all agree that golf can be a frustrating game for amateurs or even the great Tiger Woods. Watching Tiger, Rory or Big Phil can make think how did they get so good! Don’t forget these guys, are practicing everyday. To improve your game there is only one place to start, … Read more

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Playing Golf (Step by Step Guide)

You’re here because you want to learn how to play golf. Great news! Playing golf has given me lots of pleasure, and I’ve also met many people who are now my friends. The game can be frustrating, annoying to the point you could tear your hair out, if I had any! The pure joy and … Read more