What Is A Golf Pro? Explained

A golf pro is the person who coaches golfers how to play the game. They will also generally work at a golf club, as the first point of contact for members who want to buy golf equipment, book golf lessons, and teach beginners, they can also serve as officials at tournaments.

A golf pro can also be known as a golf coach or golf instructor, but the primary job of a golf pro is to teach and coach golfers.

What is the difference between a golf pro and a pro golfer?

Golf pros are people that make money teaching golf, and help running the golf club.

The vast majority of these so-called “pros” don’t play as much golf than their students do, but they’re still considered professionals in the sport because they teach and offer instruction to players who want to improve their game.

A pro golfer is someone who plays for a living like Tiger Woods – usually on tour at professional tournaments like the PGA and LPGA Tour events where prize earnings can be into the millions of dollars!

What does a golf pro do at a country club?

A country club golf pro teaches beginner golfers how to play the game, helps them choose golf equipment from the pro shop, and helps students understand the rules of golf.

Offering lessons is a major part of a golf pro’s job description, but they also set up the driving range for players to practice their swing.

They are an important part of the golf course, not just for teaching, but also selling equipment in-person and memberships, and generally making sure the club is running smoothly.

What hours does a golf pro work?

Since a golf pro’s job requires availability during the early morning and late evening.

The hours that golf pros work are typically eight or more per day, which can translate into around eighty hours each week. Although most golf pros work less, and will have assistants to help.

Can I teach golf without being a pro?

Yes, You can teach golf without being qualified. The most important thing is that you know the game and can do it well, in addition to being able to teach.

Keep teaching yourself by watching how pro golfers play on TV or at a tournament, reading articles, books about golf instruction and practicing playing as often as possible so your skills don’t stagnate.

You might also want to take a class on golf instruction.

Is being a golf pro a good job?

Being a golf pro is a great job for anyone who loves golf. It pays well and golf pros will never be bored as the job is so varied.

If you have golf skills, and get on well with people, it’s a great career to choose.

Golf pros need patience and a love of people because teaching beginners takes time, and they are often required to help customers who come into their pro shop with questions about equipment or for advice in making purchase decisions.

How to find a golf pro?

You will find a golf pro by visiting golf courses, country clubs, and private golf facilities. Calling your local golf course is probably the best place to start. You can also look online for golf pro schools, or visit the PGA website.

What does it mean to be a club pro?

Being a club pro is a rewarding career golf course usually means they teach people how to play and are also responsible for supervising the clubhouse.

Teaching beginners takes time because they need to be shown how to hit every shot perfectly in order to avoid injury, and help improve their game. A love of people is important: you will interact with many types and levels of skill.

You will also receive perks including free use of the golf course and facilities, which could cost $1000’s of dollars for a club member. You also have the chance to try out all the golf equipment stocked in the pro shop.

You are also likely to get deals on use of the country club for events and functions.

Do golf clubs need a pro?

Having a golf pro at a country club or golf course is a great investment because they are often responsible for selling memberships, and the better the golf pro at that club, the more likely people will want to join. This can help with the bottom line.

Club golf pros are also responsible for catering to the needs of each golfer, and will often give instruction on techniques that can help players improve their game, which will help retain members.

Being a club pro will also mean that you’re likely to be the first point of contact for new members wanting to join.

How much does a country club pro make?

A qualified head golf pro averages around $57,964 per year according to Glassdoor.

On top of their salary, they can receive bonuses on how many members they can sign up or a cut of the golf lessons provided.

There are also perks to that a golf pro can receive. Free rounds of golf, and discounts on golf equipment, can add up to a substantial amount.

How much is an assistant golf pro salary

According to Glassdoor an assistant golf pro caries from $25,000 to $35,000 per year.

Their duties will include assisting Pro Shop or teaching golf lessons and most clubs are more than happy to keep their assistant staff on board because they know that without a resident golf professional these tasks might not get done properly.

How much does a golf pro make in the UK?

A golf professional can make around £25,000 a year in the UK.

How long does it take to become a golf pro?

It takes about 4-5 years and graduates earn a bachelor’s of golf management with PGA membership as well. The program is offered to those who are already working in the industry and want an additional degree.

They also have the opportunity to become an assistant pro and then be promoted to full-time starter if they are good enough.

How do I choose a golf coach?

Finding the perfect coach can be tough.

Do your research and get referrals, call them up not only to discuss their rates but also who they are as a person because it’s important that you connect with each other on an emotional level when working together.

How do you become a head pro in golf?

It’s not easy to become a head golf professional. You need qualifications in the sport, experience with course maintenance, finance, budgeting and retail management…plus an active PGA membership!

Becoming a head golf pro is a challenging and rewarding job. The first step in becoming a head golf pro is developing your skills in the sport of golf. You will need to be able to play at a high level and be able to teach golf.

The next step is working your way up through the ranks as an assistant pro until you reach head professional status.

How much do golf pros charge for lessons?

For golf lesson from a golf pro, you will be paying on average between $25 – $60 for a 30 or 45-minute lesson and around $75 – $100 an hour

A golf pro will charge for the time and expertise required to give a lesson, which includes 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction and practice on driving range, putting green or chipping area with video analysis if desired; then another hour practicing what was learned in an unlimited amount of time at your own ball.

Are you supposed to tip golf instructor?

It is not necessary to tip a golf pro because it is typical for them to get paid an hourly wage. However, if you are playing at a public golf course and the instructor was really helpful then tipping $20 – $30 per hour in cash would be appreciated by the instructor.

Good news, you don’t have to be that person awkwardly asking their family members and friends about who they know. There’s an easy way around this: ask those in your area! A lot of people will call themselves “pro” while doing it part-time or even as recreation.

No worries though – just make sure whoever you talk with is registered (a formal designation by USGA) if possible and has been teaching for at least 2 years before making any final decisions on what instructor may work well for them.

This saves time from trying out instructors only to realize later there was someone better suited all along without wasting money on trial lessons too soon!


Most golfers know that a golf pro is someone who can teach them how to play the game and offer advice on their swing.

If you want to take your game to the next level, there are many ways you can improve with just one session of professional instruction.

Hiring professionals like those at Country Club Golf Pro’s will allow for improvements in every aspect of your game from improving accuracy off the tee or green, developing better short games skills such as bunker shots or putting, boosting confidence through lessons and much more!

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