Paulina Gretzky Wife Of Dustin Johnson 2023 (Bio, Net Worth, Photos And More)

Paulina Gretzky is a sexy hot woman with many, unique qualities. Her most notable trait would have to be her intelligence and wit: she’s the daughter of one of the world’s greatest hockey players ever!

But don’t think that just because this beauty has brains and brawn, she can’t show off her stunning good looks too – especially when you see these candid shots from Instagram where Paulina shows us some skin in more ways than one!

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise then that Dustin Johnson proposed to Ms. Gretzky on January 1st 2019 – we wish them all the best for their future together…

Paulina Gretzky

Who Is Paulina Gretzky?

Born in Los Angeles, California, the 32-year-old is an actress, model and singer. You may have seen her on Grown Ups 2 (2013), Fame (2009) or Guns Girls & Gambling (2012).

The first love of this Hollywood starlet has always been singing and songwriting which she has done professionally before signing a modeling contract with Women Management Worldwide.

Although it wouldn’t be till early 2013 that they would officially start dating–only seven months later they got engaged!

The eldest of four siblings and the daughter to NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, Paulina Gretzy is no stranger to fame. After meeting golfer Dustin Johnson at a charity event in 2012, she has been more involved with golf than ever before!

After telling Golf Digest that she didn’t appreciate golf as much when little because her mum put them into tennis camps and golf camps, it’s fascinating how we can change our minds about things like this over time.

She also admitted on a recent interview for Flare Magazine: “I have an honest respect for what he does.”

Dustin Johnson and his wife, Paulina Gretzky live together in Florida with their two sons. The couple regularly appears at events her fiancee is playing in while also caddying for him during the 2016 Masters Par 3 tournament.

They announced that they were having a son on social media after Dustin hit one of his balls into the ocean where it exploded blue confirming them as parents to another boy!

Where Do Paulina Gretzky & Dustin Johnson live?

Palm Beach Gardens is a highly exclusive area that many celebrities and sports stars call home. One such couple, who reportedly spent over $4 million on their new manor.

Situated just off the waterfront in Palm Beach Gardens– features an expansive 8,200 square foot estate complete with private dock for boats and other water activities as well as five bedrooms spread out throughout this luxury property.

Paulina Gretzky Personal Life

The Gretzky-Johnson relationship has been full of ups and downs. The couple often goes sailing on Johnson’s yacht, their home is located within stone’s throw of three very prestigious country clubs.

In 2018 there was some apparent conflict between the two with Paulina deleting any inkling of Dustin from her Instagram account rumors flew around that she became involved with a wealthy socialite from California.

But we don’t know if the couple actually broke up. The good news is that Paulina and Dustin seemed to have worked things out as they are regularly seen together and happy in public.

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky Net Worth

Paulina Gretzky is worth $5 million, but how did she get there?
Paulina has been a model for several years and landed her first modeling gig in 2005.

This led to more gigs over the next few years where she modelled extensively as well as being featured in many campaigns.

She also released an album which was one of MTV’s reality show Laguna Beach soundtracks–which gave Paulina some moderate success.

One of the most intriguing actresses in Hollywood, Paulina has appeared in a number of high-profile films. But her highest profile role came when she was offered a part for Adam Sandler’s comedy Grown Ups 2 back in 2013.

And what about today? Well, you can still find Paulina on Instagram! With over 800K followers and an account full of scintillating photos like lingerie pictures or bikinis pics galore – it doesn’t get more alluring than that!

Does Paulina Gretzky Play Golf?

Paulina is actually an excellent golfer. She’s been on the PGA Tour with her fiancee and even caddied for him at a few tournaments, but she still considers herself just to be a casual player of the game.

That being said you can imagine how having Dustin Johnson as your fiance gives you some leverage out there on the links! You may not know this from anyone else besides Paulina,

Here’s video footage that was taken during her 32nd birthday golf outing where it appears like she has fallen back in love with playing again–and maybe could have potential to make it onto tour one day?

Paulina Gretzky may not be a household name to some, but she has been in the spotlight for years. As Dustin Johnson’s fiancee, it seems only natural that her life would change – and yet we haven’t seen much of Paulina since then.

But don’t worry: She won’t disappear any time soon! Whether as an actress or singer (or even model),

Ms. Gretzky is on track to become one of Hollywood’s favorite faces over the next few decades with such strong roots in sports royalty from both sides of her family tree; and you can bet people are going to hear more about this awesome woman who never gives up no matter what obstacles come at her long before they see anything else about.

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