How long do does it take to play 9 holes of golf?

Golf is a time consuming sport, from when you leave home to the time you return, and all the golf in between can take many hours.

Most golfers will tell you that to play 18 holes should take around 4 hours. However, there are many variables that can shorten or lengthen a game of golf.

To understand how long it should take to complete 9 holes. We need to do some math.

The average person walks between 3 to 4 miles an hour, and the average 18 hole golf course averages 6500 yards, which equates to 3.69 miles.

So, that would work out at approximately 1 hour to walk an 18 hole of golf course.

So simply divide that by 2 and you should complete 9 holes in 30 minutes!

That’s not the full story!

This is not taking into account the time taken for each shot, and waiting for your partner or partners to take their shots.

You won’t be walking in a straight line and the course maybe hilly, adding to the distance you’ll need to walk.

Beginner’s will tend to be losing more balls and taking more shots from difficult lies, adding to the time it will take to complete each hole.

If you’re an intermediate player you’re less likely to be finding the weeds or hazards, and so you can slice off some time by sticking to the fairway’s.

The weather is also something to consider. Playing in the sweltering heat or heavy rain can slow the pace of the game.

A foursome or playing with an elderly player will add extra time.

According to the Guinness Book Of Records the fastest 18 hole golf round was played a James Carvill at Warrenpoint golf course, Co Down in 27 mins and 9 seconds 0n the 18th of June 1987.

If you’re lucky enough to be on a golf course with few players, you can certainly speed up your game.

However, on most golf courses you’ll find yourself waiting for players in front of you to finish their hole.

Tip: Book early morning or late evening if you want to avoid the rush.

9 hole public courses will likely have a mixture of players from total beginners to intermediate players, which if you get stuck behind can add more time onto your round.

Playing on a private course should give you access to golf buggies which can reduce your time significantly, and save energy which is especially helpful for senior players.

Carrying your clubs will slow you down, so investing or hiring a golf trolley will help you get around the course faster.

Tip: It’s a good idea to check ahead of time, to see how busy the course is likely to be.

Also, take responsibility for your own play. Be aware of players behind and in front, it can be annoying to be behind a group who are playing slow.

Don’t! push the group in front by playing your shot before they have completed the hole.

So if we look at all the variables, and what most golfers will tell you. It takes around 2 hours to play 9 holes of golf.

To give you an idea of what each hole should take we can break it down by averaging the par-3s to 10 minutes, the par-4s to 13 minutes, and the par-5s should be 15 minutes.

6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Game

  • Golf Carts – Using a golf cart will certainly speed up your play. They are easy to hire from most good golf courses and are relatively cheap to hire. Be sure to drive them sensibly on the course and avoid ripping up the turf by going too fast.
  • Ready Golf – is a term that refers to players playing their shot as soon as they’re ready too. Traditionally the golfer furthest from the hole would play next, especially in foursomes. Ready golf avoids slow play and saves the time playing each hole.
  • Tee Time – If you’ve booked a tee time don’t be late. Missing your tee time will not only annoy the club and your golf partners, but you’ll find yourself unable to play, and have to wait for a space.
  • Gimmies – By not asking your opponent not to putt out on each hole, you can save time on each green. Foursomes especially can speed up the game.
  • Tees – Playing from the right tees will also save you time, as you won’t be hitting longer than you need too, and so you’ll be playing less shots.
  • Equipment – When you leave home check that you have all the equipment you need. Leaving your putter behind because you were practicing at home, is going to cause you problems when you arrive.

What are the benefits of playing 9 holes

If you have a busy lifestyle, fitting in a couple of hours to play 9 holes will be easier to fit into your schedule, and you won’t feel as pressured for time.

Playing 9 holes in the evening can help you de-stress from a busy day at work. Courses also have less golfers on the course, so you won’t feel so pressurised.

An 18 hole round can feel like a long time and will take it out on your body. I still play 18 holes, but will intersperse them with 9 hole games too.

With less pressure to hit the perfect shot, playing 9 holes you’ll find yourself trying shots you wouldn’t normally try playing 18 holes.

Having family join you on a round of golf is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Playing 9 holes will take less time and they’re are less likely to get bored rather than 4 to 5 hours walking 18 holes.

It’s also a good opportunity to introduce golf to your kids who are more likely to lose interest if you just spend a couple of hours on the golf course.

In conclusion

Playing 9 holes of golf takes far less time, and can be a great way to improve your game over a shorter period of time, and if like me you have some aches and pains, it won’t take too much out of your body.