Got Back Arthritis? How to Keep Golfing Pain-Free

Lower back pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can make golfing challenging. The twisting motion required for the full golf swing puts considerable stress on the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints. However, with proper care and some adaptations, you can modify your game to accommodate back arthritis. Understanding Lower Back Arthritis Arthritis affecting the lower … Read more

Playing Golf With Arthritis In The Thumb

Arthritis in the thumb joint, whether from wear-and-tear osteoarthritis or inflammatory types like rheumatoid, can significantly impact your golf game. The thumb plays a crucial role in the golf grip, and arthritis pain and stiffness in this small joint makes it difficult to hold and swing a club properly. However, with certain adaptations and therapies, … Read more

Swinging With Arthritis: Modifying Your Golf Game for Wrist Comfort

Arthritis in the wrists can make playing golf challenging and painful. The repetitive motion of the golf swing and the need for strong wrist hinge can aggravate wrist arthritis. However, with proper precautions, adaptations, treatment, and care, you can still enjoy golfing even with wrist arthritis. Understanding Wrist Arthritis Arthritis in the wrists often develops … Read more

11 Tips To Help You Play Golf With Tennis Elbow

If you’re an avid golfer dealing with the painful overuse injury known as tennis elbow, you can take steps to keep playing while managing your symptoms. Lateral epicondylitis, which causes elbow tendon inflammation, can hinder the golf swing. But with proper treatment approaches and adaptive techniques, you can modify your game to accommodate your tender … Read more

9 Essential Tips to Perfect Your Golf Swing Technique

Golf, often regarded as a sport of finesse and precision, requires an amalgamation of physical skill, mental focus, and impeccable technique to achieve mastery. Among the myriad aspects that contribute to a successful game, the golf swing technique stands as one of the most crucial. With a proper swing, you not only gain distance but … Read more

How To Clean Golf Balls (Explained)

Golf balls are a high-maintenance item. If you don’t clean them often, they get dirtier and less effective pretty quickly. But cleaning golf balls can be intimidating if you don’t know how or what products to use. This blog post will guide you what is best for cleaning your golf balls so that they’re always … Read more

When should I use a 3-wood or 5-wood? Explained

What golf clubs should I use? The 3-wood or 5-wood? When should you choose a 3-wood over a 5-wood and vice versa? These are some of the questions that beginners in golf ask themselves. This article will talk about the differences between 3 and 5 wood, when to use these woods, how they compare to … Read more

How To Clean White Leather Golf Shoes

Cleaning white leather golf shoes is not always easy, especially if the white leather is dirty, or has stains on it. The first step in cleaning your white leather golf shoes is by using a damp cloth to remove any dirt on the surface of the shoe. If there are still some stubborn stains that … Read more

The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Golf Clubs

Golfing is a fun and engaging sport that people of all ages enjoy. Once you start playing, it can become addictive because there are so many different rounds to play every day! Knowing the best time of year to buy golf clubs depends on what type or club set you want. Unfortunately there is little … Read more

How long do does it take to play 9 holes of golf?

How long do does it take to play 9 holes of golf? Golf is a time consuming sport, from when you leave home to the time you return, and all the golf in between can take many hours. Most golfers will tell you that to play 18 holes should take around 4 hours. However, there … Read more