What Golf Balls Do Pros Use (2023)

We’ve compiled a list of the golf balls the top professionals use on tour. The most popular pro golf balls in 2020 are the Titleist Pro V1x, Bridgestone Tour B XS, TaylorMade TP5, Callaway Chrome Soft X.

What golf balls do men pros use (2020)

What golf balls do women pros use (2020)

Best golf balls for a beginner

You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your golf clubs, and as you head for the door you grab a handful of old mixed golf balls.

Imagine standing on the green with a 10 foot putt and as it rolls it bobbles past the hole, or you hit a long drive only for the ball to hit the ground and stop dead!

Although old or cheap golf balls will save you money, they’re not going to do much to improve your score.

Spending money on expensive pro golf balls is not going to help your game either when you’re a beginner. Look for a mid range priced ball, that has good quality construction.

Good quality golf balls are as important as a good set of golf clubs. They will be more accurate and travel further, and react better to the shot you’re trying to make.

For a low handicap player playing with the same brand and quality ball will help your overall consistency, and you’ll get to know how the ball will react in different situations.

The only way you’re going to know which ball is best for you is to test them yourself. We’ve listed our top picks below.

12 Products Tested

13 Hours Testing

14,297 Reviews

Tried & Tested Golf Balls

We tested a range of balls, and below is a list of some of our favourites.

1. Pro Golf Ball5/5
2. Pro Golf Ball5/5
3. Pro Golf Ball5/5
4. Best Overall4.9/5
5. Best For Beginners4.0/5
6. Best On A Budget4.2/5
7. Best Value4.7/5

What is a golf ball made of?

Golf balls are made of different materials, including a rubber core and outer layers. Better quality balls have more layers than the cheaper balls, making them travel further and last longer. They also will add more spin when needed, and as your skill levels improve, you can make the ball react in differing ways.

1-Piece Golf Ball

This is the basic golf ball consisting of a single core piece and the outer cover. These balls are the cheapest on the market. Good for the beginner, who is just finding their way around the course. They’re the cheapest balls on the market, losing a few on the golf course isn’t a problem.

2-Piece Golf Ball

If you’re looking for a better golf ball these are are still good ball for a beginner. There rubber core will help you hit the ball further and with more accuracy. Ideal for the beginner who has a a few rounds under their belt.

3-Piece Golf Ball

This is the mid range ball offering the golfer a step up from the 2 piece. Constructed with the inner core of rubber and an extra second rubber layer and covered by Surlyn resin, giving the ball more durability.

4-Piece Golf Ball

These balls are for the more advanced golfer. The 4-Piece offers you more control with spin. It’s a more expensive ball and comes with a solid rubber core and two more layers of rubber, and covered with urethane that combines the strength of rigid plastics and the flexibility and elasticity of rubber.

5-Piece Golf Ball

Introduced in 2010 This is the top of the range ball used by professionals, and the most expensive balls on the market. There is also now a 6-Piece golf ball made by Maxifli.

In Conclusion

Always choose the best quality ball you can afford, and when you find one you’re happy with, stick to it!. Using a ball that you can hit further and with more accuracy, and knowing how your ball will react when you take your shot, will help reduce your score by a few shots.