Best women’s golf clubs for beginners (2023)

TV and media coverage of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour has created a surge of women looking to play golf.

The top women golfers are now superstars, earning millions of dollars on the LPGA tour , and becoming role models for young girls wanting to take up the sport.

With the women’s game receiving increased exposure, manufactures are producing more and more golf clubs, accessories and clothing specifically for women.

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#1. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set

Comes with two wedges, including a 56-degree sand wedge for improved short game.Two hybrids take the place of long irons, making it easier to get the ball into the air from long distances​. Check Price On Amazon

#2. Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max

The Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set is a great looking set. The clubs are lightweight, making them easy to swing, and not feel tired after a day on the golf course. Check Price On Amazon

#3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

Lightweight graphite shafts help the golfer increase swing speed for more distance. Pitching and sand wedge combo assists the golfer around the green with accuracy. Check Price On Amazon

What’s the difference between men and women golf clubs?

This is down to size and weight. Lady golfers tend to be slightly shorter than men, and the length of a club shaft will effect the golf swing. Finding the right length club will go a long way to help you strike the ball correctly.

The size of the grip is also a factor in holding the club correctly. Most women have smaller hands than men so ladies golf club will have a small diameter of grip.

Golf club shafts would normally be made of steel, nowadays a more flexible lightweight graphite shafts help women golfers and beginners who have slower swing speeds and lack the strength to hit the ball longer distances.

The club head on ladies golf clubs tend to be a heavier too. This helps keep the club lower to the ground at the bottom of the swing, which helps to improve contact with the ball.

Drivers are designed differently for women. The loft of the driver for a men’s club will have a degree of loft of 9.5 the driver in a women’s set is usually 12.5. having a larger degree of loft on the club will help get the ball into air quicker.

Don’t forget! A golf set will give you nearly everything you need to start playing golf. You will however need a few extras golf shoes, tees, golf balls, golf glove, hat, umbrella and waterproofs for those rainy days. A round of golf can take 4 to 5 hours, so you may want to consider a golf cart to help you get around the course.


  • Graphite Shaft – More flexible than steel, giving you more speed in the downswing, and launching the ball further for a beginner, or someone with less power and speed.
  • Sweet Spot – The centre of club face, striking the ball at this point will give you maximum distance, and the ball will fly straighter.
  • Club Sole – Beginner clubs will be weighted on the sole of the club to keep the club low and help make the best connection with the ball.
  • Weighted perimeter – Club heads for beginners will be weighted around the club face to give the golfer more power and distance when striking the ball.
  • Cavity Irons – Irons in a beginner golf set will have the back of the club hollow, which helps keep the club straight when striking the ball, and will had more distance and power.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid as the word refers, is a mix of an iron and wood. Ideal for beginners when hitting from the fairway. They have a larger club head and wighted at the bak to give you more power.
  • Loft – The loft or angle of the club face helps the beginner get the ball into the air. Beginner clubs will have a larger degree of loft, than more intermediate players.

A beginner golf club will have a large forgiving sweet spot allowing for any mis hit to fly straighter than normal.

The irons in a beginner set will have graphite shafts and cavity back club heads. The cavity balances the club as you strike the ball. More advanced players use what are called blades.

So let’s take a look at what are the best golf clubs for a lady beginner…

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set

This women’s beginner 16 piece golf set has been developed by one of the top manufacturers in the golfing world. Used by Phil Mickelson in the men’s game and Michelle Wie in the women’s game. Callaway is a name you can trust.

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The Callaway Women’s Strata Golf Set is a high performance set that gives you a full set that any lady golfer will need to complete a round of golf. With flexible graphite shafts give you the power needed to hit the ball long down the fairway.

The set includes a 3-wood 4 & 5 hybrid, 6, 7, 8, and 9-iIons. A pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter are also included. A stand golf bag with strap and headcovers complete the set.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. Love my new Callaway Golf clubs. I am an intermediate golfer and the set has everything I need including a beautiful golf bag.
  2. Lightweight bag and clubs for easy carrying.
  3. great selection of clubs with the 16 piece set.

What we liked:

  • Callaway Brand
  • Full club selection
  • Ideal for beginner or advanced golfer
  • 2 hybrids included
  • Cooler compartment

What we disliked:

  • No left hand option
  • Price
  • Only standard sizes available

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set

The standard 11 piece Callaway Strata set comes with everything yo will need for that first day on the golf course. The golf set comes with a Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 7 & 9 Irons, Sand Wedge, Putter, Golf Bag With Stand, and Headcovers.

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The 5 hybrid covers the missing long irons, and will make it easier to hit those long shots off the fairway.

Keeping your equipment neatly sectioned is the golf bag, strap and stand. The bag can be used on a golf cart, for those long walks around the course.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. My distance has improved since I started using them.
  2. I love my new golf clubs! These seem like a well made, quality set… plus I’m a fan of the color.
  3. I did a lot of research before purchasing this set and it did not disappoint.

What we liked:

  • Callaway brand
  • Right and Left handed sets available
  • Hybrid for easier shots off the fairway
  • Good Price
  • Top rated reviews
  • 5 pocket bag
  • Choice of sets

What we disliked:

  • Driver 10.5 degree loft
  • Heavier than other beginner sets

MacGregor Women’s DCT3000 Ladies Golf Package Set & Golf Club Cart Bag Set

MacGregor is another quality brand that brings you a great women’s beginner golf set, at a great price. This premium set looks good too The brand has been making golf clubs since 1897 for amateurs and great champions.

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This entry level set features a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, cavity backed 7, 8, 9 irons, and sand wedge. You need to upgrade to the full set for the extra 6-iron and two hybrids.

What we liked:

  • Right and Left handed sets available
  • Hybrid for easier shots off the fairway
  • Mallet putter
  • Steel or graphite shafts
  • Choice of sets
  • 13 Degree driver

What we disliked:

  • Large bag
  • Heavier than other beginner sets
  • Half set

Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Complete Set

In 1973 club designer and former Australian amateur golf champ Thomas Crow founded Cobra golf, and has a long history producing quality golf clubs and sets.

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The Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set is a great looking set. The bag is styled in pink and grey and the clubs don’t disappoint.

The set includes 12 clubs, included is a Driver, 3, 5, 7 Woods, 5 Hybrid, 6, 7, 8 ,9 Irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, premium golf bag, and head covers and cooler pocket to keep your drinks cool.

The clubs are lightweight, making them easy to swing, and not feel tired after a day on the golf course.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. Just as good as my Pings 400 at a fraction of the cost.
  2. These clubs are super light making swinging them, as a senior lady golfer, easier. 
  3. I’ve been hitting these clubs for about 1 month and just love them. 

What we liked:

  • Super light clubs
  • Excellent bag with cooler pocket
  • Graphite shafts
  • Full set of clubs
  • Excellent quality

What we disliked:

  • Only for right handed players
  • Golf bag has no stand

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

Wilson is sports equipment brand that have been around for over 100 years. The Wilson Golf profile SGI Women’s Golf Set is well made golf set. My son owns the men’s version of this set, and he loves his golf set.

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The women’s golf set is available in right and left-handed versions. Graphite shafts make this a lightweight set ideal for women golfers. The set is available in 3 sizes, standard, tall and petite.

10 clubs come with the set. A Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, stainless steel Irons 6, 7, 8 ,9, Pitching Wedge and Easy Launch™ Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag and three Head Covers.

The Wilson Golf profile SGI Women’s Golf Set gives you full coverage for any shot you may need to make on the golf course.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. For the vast majority of players, this set would be all you would need until you start breaking 100 regularly.
  2. I love these clubs! I am not a beginner,  my husband uses some of the clubs in my bag as well.
  3. I love the feel and weight of each club. The quality is really nice too. 

What we liked:

  • Quality brand
  • Graphite shafts
  • Set comes with 3 fairway woods
  • Quality stitched bag
  • Nicely balanced clubs
  • Great Price
  • Ideal for a beginner or intermediate player

What we disliked:

  • Longer than standard shafts
  • No bag stand

The Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set 

Not a brand you may have heard of. Precise have been making golf equipment since 1987, and manufacture a wide range of golfing equipment.

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Not a brand you would have heard of, this set from Precise is good value for money. One of the cheaper sets available the Precise has graphite shafts, which is great for ladies who don’t have lots of power striking the ball.

The set comes in 3 sizes;

  • Petite Size for ladies 5’3″ and below
  • Standard Size for ladies 5’3″ – 5’8″
  • Tall Size for ladies 5’8″ and above

Several people have commented the extra distance they have been getting due to the graphite shafts on the Precise Premium irons. The titanium driver is light and built for power.

Their beginner sets have been gaining popularity over the past few years. If your a lady looking for their first golf set you won’t find a better set of golf clubs.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. My golf game has improved dramatically and the quality of the clubs is the reason!
  2. They hold up well and are easy to get used to. Nice balance and great distance and control.
  3. The day these clubs arrived, I went straight to the golf course and I have to say these clubs are awesome.

What we liked:

  • Graphite shafts
  • Mallett putter
  • Decent bag
  • Great Price
  • Big driver

What we disliked:

  • Just for Beginners
  • No sand wedge

Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Golf Set

The Aspire XD1 golf set is ideal for lady golfers. You get a full set of clubs to cover any situation on the golf course. The graphite shaft clubs which give you extra control and swing speed.

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The club heads have perimeter weighting and a large sweet spot which help you strike the ball, and have less miss hit, ideal for a beginner.

The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 3 woods, five irons, and a mallet putter, which makes putting easier for the beginner.

Cavity backed irons start at the 5-iron to the pitching wedge, are nicely weighted, with a wide sole to help you connect sweetly and squarely with the ball.

The 13 degree driver and 16 degree wood help you hit the ball high in the air with distance rather than low and flat and short.

Replacing the 4 iron the hybrid club has a low profile, which helps you hit under the ball and get the distance down the fairway.

The lightweight bag and stand are well made, and will keep your clubs nicely spaced in the bag.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. The set is light and easy to carry and has all the club selection
  2. Clubs are a perfect fit, I’m 5’3. First time out hit the ball well!
  3. The clubs and bag is great, and comes with more than you would expect for the price!!

What we liked:

  • Graphite shafts
  • Price
  • Good quality stand bag
  • 2 Woods and Hybrid
  • Ideal for a beginner or intermediate player

What we disliked:

  • No Sand wedge
  • Club heads feel heavy

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Womens Complete Golf Set

Another popular golf set from Aspire the PRO- X is a step up in quality and price from the XD1. They are great for a beginner and also for an intermediate.

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The sets come in 2 sizes for any small or tall golfer. You get a full compliment which include a Titanium driver a 3 fairway wood 4 and 5 hybrid woods, 7, 8, 9 irons and a sand and pitching wedge.

The shafts are graphite flexi shafts giving you the speed you need in the down swing and the large club head will help you launch the ball down the fairway.

The upgraded tour pride grips give you a nice feel when holding each club. The premium bag is well made.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. These are a wonderful quality set that I can continue to use as my game gets better.
  2. The Aspire PRO-X Ladies – Petite size, have been PERFECT! These low cost, high quality clubs, complete with head covers, attractive bag and rain cover, are a great value.
  3. We ordered the shorter length which is perfect for my 5’2″ height.

What we liked:

  • Graphite shafts
  • Excellent grips
  • High quality bag
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Ideal for a beginner or intermediate player

What we disliked:

  • More expensive

Precise M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Another Precise golf set for beginners is a great golf set that comes in a nice blue golf bag, and available in two sizes petite and regular.

>> See the latest pricing for this golf set on Amazon <<

The set includes a full set of clubs with the usual large club heads for maximum forgiveness when striking the ball.

A 12 degree driver is great for a beginner the extra degrees of loft get the ball up in the air quickly. The 3 wood 15 degree will get you further down the fairway with a higher degree of loft.

The shafts are graphite which is a bonus for the price of this golf set. The stand is sturdy and you get 3 matching head covers.

Reviews from around the internet:

  1. The clubs are a great size for my 5.0′ wife. She loves them, especially the driver.
  2. I am very satisfied with my new golf clubs, now if I could just figure out the game of golf.
  3. I don’t have to worry about being a bit rough on them since the price is so reasonable.

What we liked:

  • Graphite shafts
  • Functional bag
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Ideal for a beginner
  • Price

What we disliked:

  • Heavier club heads
  • Better quality sets available

Do I buy a golf club set or individual clubs?

A ladies complete golf set for a beginner is in my opinion always a better option than buying individual clubs.

The reason is that golf club sets are made by the same manufacturer, will all have the same size grip, shaft lengths and you’ll save money as sets tend to cheaper to buy than purchasing separate clubs.

Buying individual clubs will take more work. You will need to try each club to build up your golf set, and buying separately each club will feel different, and this could harm your game if you’re just starting out.

The other advantage of buying a beginner golf set is that you get a few extras. All sets include a golf bag with pockets, stand, and head covers.

When looking buy a set of beginner clubs, it’s important to remember that the irons in the set need to be the best you can afford. Most shots you make on the golf course apart from the putter will be with the short irons, and wedges.

The putter will be either a mallet style putter or blade style putter. I find a mallet putter is a better choice for a beginner. The head is balanced with a large sweet spot. The blade putter is less weighted and will require more practice.

Most sets will come with a pitching wedge sand wedge, and the irons will start at around a 5-iron with the 3 and 4-irons replaced with hybrids.

Hybrids started to replace 1 to 4 irons as they are easier to use for a beginner, and many advanced players also use the more versatile hybrids.

A hybrid is a club that can be used off the fairway. as the name suggests the club is a hybrid of a fairway wood and a long iron. Hybrids have a bigger club head and are weighted to help the beginner hit longer shots with more control.

The driver in a ladies golf set will have a larger degree of angle, than a mens driver. This improves your ability to get the ball into the air quickly. Without this degree of loft, you would probably hitting the ball low and flat, and reducing the distance the ball travels down the fairway.

All clubs in a beginner’s golf set will have a large sweet spot. This refers to the club having a point of contact when you strike the ball. The larger the sweet spot the better the connection with the ball, and reduces the chances of your ball flying into the weeds!

How much do beginner women’s golf clubs cost?

The amount of money you spend on a set of golf clubs will be determined by your budget. Buying the cheapest golf set or individual club will save you money.

A good quality set of clubs will cost you anything from $200 to $500 you could spend more if you’re budget allows.

Investing in a good set of womens’ golf clubs will not only help your game, they will last you several years before you need to start replacing some of the clubs.

Buying a branded set like TaylorMade, Callaway or Wilson will give you the confidence that you are buying from a company that has been producing quality golf equipment.

Drivers and fairway woods get a lot of wear and tear. Irons too will need replacing as the joints on cheaper models can become loose. Your putter should last you many more years.

How long will a beginner golf set last?

Depending on how often you use your beginner golf set, it’s hard to say how long you clubs will last. Generally, a decent golf club set would last three years.

I used my first set for around 3 years before I began to replace different clubs. As you become a better golfer you’ll gain more experience of knowing what are the best clubs for you.

The most common problem with beginner clubs is where the club head meets the shaft. The joint is called a hosel and over time will weaken and in some cases break. The driver is the most likely club to fail, due to the heavy hitting and extra time spent on the driving range.

A good set of irons will give you a good few years of use, before you need to upgrade, and the putter could last you longer. This is also dependent on how many times a week you play golf and if you are a heavy hitter.

Be inspired by some of the top women golfers >

In Conclusion

Choosing the best beginner golf set will get you off to the best start. If you want your set to last you for several years, spending a little more will probably save you money in the long run.

Also, if you only plan to play once or twice a week, you could buy a cheaper set, and then replace clubs as needed.

Always look to get the best irons you can afford, as they will be costly to replace. A driver and putter can be replaced easily.