How To Clean White Leather Golf Shoes

Cleaning white leather golf shoes is not always easy, especially if the white leather is dirty, or has stains on it.

The first step in cleaning your white leather golf shoes is by using a damp cloth to remove any dirt on the surface of the shoe.

If there are still some stubborn stains that won’t come off, use a clean dry cloth with a small amount of dish soap and rub gently until you can see the dirt coming away from the shoe.

You might also want to try rubbing alcohol for tough spots!

If there are scuffs on the leather, use a cotton ball with white toothpaste and rub in circles to remove them.

It is important not to scrub too hard or you might damage the surface of your shoes!

Be sure that after cleaning, you dry your golf shoes really well. This will keep any mildew from growing inside the shoe.

If your shoes are still wet from the rain or if they have gotten wet from sweat, you can place them in a shoe dryer for approximately 30 minutes.

Be sure to check on your shoes periodically and rotate them so that all sides of the leather get heated evenly.

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To keep white golf shoes looking their best, it is important to store them properly when not wearing them!

Place them in a shoe bag or a cedar chest when not in use. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

If you are storing them for an extended period of time, be sure to spray them with water every few weeks so that they do not dry up!

You can also apply white polish such as Saphir Renovateur or other products designed to clean white leather.

It is important not to use any products that are abrasive or contain silicone, as these can damage the material.

It is also wise to avoid storing them next to rubber shoes such as Crocs or flip-flops because they will leave marks on your white golf shoes!

To clean white leather golf shoes, apply a cleaning spray or brush to a dry shoe. The key is that you need to work in small sections of the shoe.

– Make sure there are no loose dirt particles before applying any cleaner

– If your shoes have stains on them, use a wet cloth first.

How to make white shoes white again

If your shoes have become discoloured, we recommend a good white shoe polish.

One of the most popular brands is Saphir, and their cleaner for white shoes will do wonders!

It’s important to use a cream or wax-based product because it won’t leave any residue on your leather in contrast to other polishes which can damage the surface.

Another great product to make your white leather golf shoes look as good as new is Nikwax’s Leather Cleaner and Preserver.

It has been specifically designed to maintain white leather, and we recommend you use it every time after playing golf or using your shoes for their intended purpose.

What is the fastest way to clean white leather shoes?

If you’re in a hurry the fastest way to clean white leather golf shoes is to use white shoe polish.

This will not only clean your white leather, but it also gives the shoes a nice shine and protect them from future stains.

One of the most popular brands is Saphir, and their cleaner for white shoes will do wonders! It’s important to use a cream or wax-based product because it won’t leave any residue.

Can you wash leather golf shoes?

The answer to this is yes and no. Leather shoes need a more delicate care routine than canvas or nubuck, so they should not be washed often otherwise the leather will become dry and might crack.

If you really want to wash your white golf shoes, we recommend using a damp cloth with soap on it (not detergent) then wipe off any excess soap and water with a dry cloth.

One last note on cleaning white leather golf shoes: if you are going to use bleach, go very sparingly! Bleach can damage the surface and even change color in some circumstances.

What is the best white leather golf shoe protector?

The best white shoe protector is a cream or wax-based product because it won’t leave any residue. There are many brands out there like this best seller on Amazon that you can choose from, so do your research and find what works for you!

To protect your white leather golf shoes right out if the box, use a water repellent spray like Scotchgard water repellent spray, this will help keep your shoes dry and resist dirt messing up your new golf shoes.

Top Tips:

  1. To prevent your new leather golf shoes from creasing stuff them full of damp newspaper when you get home. Then leave them to dry for 24 hours (not near a radiator). This prevents the shoes creasing.
  2. For older shoes with ingrained dirt try some cream cleaner like CIF this will restore the white lustre. Use with an old toothbrush or nail brush and a soft cloth to get into the cracks. Works a treat!
  3. If you’re at the club keeping a pack of baby wipes will clean off most dirt, and keep them in tip-top condition.

Finally, to keep your white leather golf shoes in the best of condition, wipe over them with natural shoe polish. This will avoid them cracking, and they should last for years.

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