The Top 10 Best Women’s Golf Clubs – Updated 2023

If you’re looking for the best women’s golf clubs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we cover everything from the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs, to the best clubs to buy.

OK! let’s get to it. Here are our Top 3 Choices from the Best 10

Overall Winner: Wilson Women’s Golf Set

Key Features:

  • Swing faster for more distance with the lightweight graphite shafts
  • Pitching and sand wedge included for more shot options
  • Over-sized 3-woods are perfect for high launch off the tee and fairway
  • Big bag to carry all your golf gear

Key Features:

  • Cavity-backed irons are the way to go for those who don’t have a perfect stroke.
  • You’ll look like a pro with this purple and black stand bag!
  • This set of clubs provides a solid response and dependable yardage off the tee.

Key Features:

  • Premium quality and brand
  • Low, heel weighting for higher shots
  • One of the best women’s golf sets on the market
  • High end set for serious women golfers with graphite shafts.

1.Wilson Women’s SGI Golf Set

*Best Quality Set For Women Golfers Beginner To Intermediate

Key Features:

  • Swing faster for more distance with the lightweight graphite shafts
  • Pitching and sand wedge included for more shot options
  • Over-sized 3-woods are perfect for high launch off the tee and fairway
  • Big bag to carry all your golf gear

So you think your golf game is great, but it just needs a little boost of confidence to take the final step? Let Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Set upgrade and expand on what you’ve got.

This set has ten clubs that includes 3 woods 4 irons 2 wedges 1 putter-with all four pieces being crafted with care by experts in the field (that’s right, not only are they durable but look good too.).

Include details about why this new club set will be helpful to women who want an intermediate or beginner golfer looking for upgrades.

“I’ve been using these woods and hybrids for the past week, but I have to say that it feels like there is some kind of science behind them. The most impressive thing about this set has been how much more my launch angle has increased with each club!” – Review

One of the best things about this new golf club set is that there are four different irons, starting with a 6-iron and ending in an 9-iron. This means you’ll have plenty to choose from when it comes to shots to the green!

Even better, these clubs all come equipped with lightweight graphite shafts so they’re easy to swing.

What’s more? The wide sweet spot offers improved forgiveness alongside increased distance capabilities – perfect if you want to try something other than chipping or putting around the course!

For the lady golfer, the Wilson set is perfect for your game. It comes with two wedges: one pitching and one sand wedge – both of which have wide soles to interact well on turf surfaces as well as smooth finishes that make them stylish while still being practical.

The golf bag is terrific. It has plenty of storage, and it’s a cart bag by nature so you don’t have to worry about any pesky stands if that’s not your style!

For exercisers looking for an alternative though, the lack of stand legs might be disappointing.

The Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Set is a great option for mid and high handicappers looking to upgrade their golf equipment.

The set has five openings that can cause it to be difficult when packing the bag away, but it’s worth putting up with this hassle because of how well-performing these clubs are!

2.The Strata Women’s Plus Complete 14 Piece Set

Key Features:

  • Quality branded golf set
  • The feel of the irons are exceptional for an inexpensive golf set
  • Nice looking and high quality stand bag

Ladies, want to score better on the golf course? The Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete set is one of the best sets out there and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

With an all-inclusive driver and full complement of wedges, this high lofted set will make you feel like your game has just improved tenfold.

The Strata Plus Complete 14 Piece Set, designed for burgeoning female golfers who need a little more height off the tee than your average lady player.

The head cover on that driver will protect it from scratches and dings while you learn how to play with more advanced clubs like those in this set.

We’re not quite sure how we feel about the 14-piece Strata set. On one hand, it comes with high performers that shined on course and come with head covers; however, there is a gap between two clubs in this complete set which would have been nice to see filled by another hybrid lofted intermediate club – but then again some people may prefer having only fairway woods and hybrids versus irons for these types of short yardages.

“Bought this set for my wife, and she loves them. The full set is great value, and you have everything you’ll need for any shot on the golf course” – Review

The Strata plus irons were booming during our range session. These golf clubs are perfect for those who want to increase their distance and enjoy the higher ball flight it provides.

Although not a traditional putter, we found that its relatively simple design served us well when putting on the green!

Strata Plus is the best set you’ll find to make golf a breeze. This 14-piece kit includes everything from clubs, bags and balls for beginners all the way up to professionals! The stand bag is lined and padded compartments for each club.

The Strata Plus Golf Kit will have any golfer feeling like they’re pro in no time with its variety of equipment that’s perfect for every level player.

3.MACGREGOR Women’s DCT2000 Golf Set

Key Features:

  • Quality branded golf set
  • The feel of the irons are exceptional for an inexpensive golf set
  • Nice looking and high quality stand bag

The Premium Macgregor DCT2000 Package Set is perfect for any lady golf player who has just started or wants to improve their game.

The DCT2000 set is one of the best no-nonsense golf clubs for beginners. The driver and putter are lightweight and forgiving, as they were designed to be tough on anyone who wants to improve their game.

The club head has an advanced design that usually comes at a high price tag but was made available in this beginner’s series because it helps teach you how not only watch your ball fly off the tee or out of a sand trap with ease, but also learn more about what makes your shots successful.

I am so happy I found these great clubs and bag! The clubs are perfect for beginners.” – Review

The set features a titanium driver, stainless steel fairway, two hybrids with lofts of 21* and 24*, oversized cavity back stainless steel irons from 6-SW plus putter and bag – this set includes everything you will need to have the best chance at success on the course!

The MacGregor Golf Ladies DCT2000 also includes a 460cc titanium driver, 10.5* for men and 13* for ladies; stainless steel fairway wood and hybrids with lofts of 21* and 24*, 430 stainless steel irons from 5-SW (6-SW ladies).

The over-sized head design and perimeter weighting offer extreme forgiveness across the entire club face for increased distance.

A durable luxury golf set that’s perfect for any beginner or intermediate golfer.

4.The Aspire X1 Complete Women’s Golf Club Set

*Best Value Set For Women Golfers Beginner To Intermediate

Key Features:

  • Cavity-backed irons are the way to go for those who don’t have a perfect stroke.
  • You’ll look like a pro with this purple and black stand bag!
  • This set of clubs provides a solid response and dependable yardage off the tee.

The Aspire X1 Complete Golf Club Set is a great start for beginners and low-handicappers. The set comes with three woods, 5 irons, 1 putter and a lightweight stand bag which the beginner golfer can carry around to easily transport her clubs from hole to hole.

The driver offers 12 degrees of loft which will help create an extra long shot when it’s in contact with the ball on impact – enough power so that your drive doesn’t drop too much before landing at its destination!

Golf clubs have different purposes. The 3-wood is a great choice for teeing off, as it offers low profile options and much more control than if you were to use an iron or driver from the tee box.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Golf Bag and Clubs! I liked how they were easy to grip with their weight. The bag is also very well made, which makes it an excellent value for money set.” – Review

The 21-degree hybrid offered by Aspire provides excellent alternatives when transitioning away from 4 irons in your golf bag due to its smooth contact shot with either fairway shots or teed up balls on the green.

This is where the lady golfer in you comes out to play! The cavity-backed graphite shaft irons are an excellent option for a woman who wants to go long.

You won’t be able to get away with as much of your slice swings, but that’s what makes this set so great – it has forgiveness and distance all at one time!

The Aspire XD1 Complete Women’s Golf Club Set is a utilitarian set of clubs that will deliver dependable performance on the course.

Despite its lack in aesthetics, it comes with numerous zippered pockets and rubber base to avoid slipping around while using a cart or carrying it from hole-to-hole by hand. It also has dual straps for balance so you never have to bear any discomfort as you walk your way through 18 holes.

5.Wilson Women’s Stretch Golf Club 9-Club Set with Cart Bag

Key Features:

  • Right and left handed clubs
  • Quality stand bag with lots of compartments
  • Six hybrid irons to help you navigate around the course.

For any beginner golfer, this is a golf set worth your consideration. Wilson makes it easy with their complete 9 club package for women that comes in right or left hand and has everything you need to hit some balls on the green – even if you’ve never touched a golf club before.

Wilson is one of the brands in golf that I’m always very excited to use. They have a nice set up including their cart bag with five compartments, upper grip and collapsible stand for your clubs, rings for hanging towels or gloves from when you’re not using them, holders for tees and umbrella so they don’t get lost at any point on the course (I’ve been living this nightmare before).

I’ve been playing golf for a couple months now, and I love these clubs. They are lightweight but still have the extra length that comes in handy when you’re tall like me!” – Review

As well as pockets to keep all different accessories safe like your beverages or balls while still being accessible during gameplay! The Wilson Cart Bag can hold everything without weighing down my back if it’s too full since its lightweight-only 1.9kgs which means walking around won’t be much of an issue either.

Wilson Stretch golf clubs are designed for all different types of shots. The driver has a 10.5 degree loft so it can give you long, straight drives when hitting from the tee box and fairway woods with 5-degree lofts to help get over difficult terrain on your course like rough or water hazards that would normally require an iron shot but might not have enough distance in order to reach the green in one try without having too much difficulty getting there (and then making bogey).

The Wilson Stretch set is also equipped with 6 hybrid irons which replace 7, 8, 9 irons as they’re more versatile than those traditional club heads and better at delivering approach shots rather than just giving players extra ball control through tough spots where accuracy.

Finally, the pitching wedge and sand wedge provide precise approaches from the bunker, while the stretch XL heel-toe weighted putter allows them to make straight shots with more distance than ever before.

6.Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set

Key Features:

  • One of the cheapest women’s golf sets on the market
  • Basic set, but OK for the beginner or if you only play occasionally
  • Plenty of forgiveness with this set will help you make poor shots look good!

The Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set is a great option for beginners who are looking to set themselves up with all their golfing needs. It comes packaged in an easy-to-carry stand bag, and includes everything you need: driver, woods, irons—even the putter! The clubs come at a competitive price that won’t break the bank.

The 12 degree driver provides plenty of power off the tee box while remaining accurate on those longer drives or chips around trees if needed; it also has 24 degrees hybrid club which can provide additional distance when striking from fairways or roughs.

The cavity-backed irons in this set are designed for the super game improvement player. They offer perimeter weighting to help deliver more forgiveness and a higher launch trajectory at impact, while also providing grounders that can fly down the fairway with ease.

This set is pretty good for a beginner like me. The club heads are easy to hit and they’re not too light or heavy which makes them perfect! I’m having so much fun learning with these clubs“. – Review

The blade putter is inexpensive and effective for those just starting out. Once you’ve been playing the game longer, though, a more sophisticated option will be necessary to help create long distance control.

There are two types of golfers. The first type is someone who only plays a few rounds per year and doesn’t want to spend too much money on their equipment, so they should choose from this Confidence set.

There’s also the second kind that wants nothing but excellent performance at all times–even if it means paying more for higher quality clubs which will last longer than cheaper ones–and those people would be better served by checking out our other list with high-performance sets.

7.Precise NX460 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set

Key Features:

  • One of the cheapest women’s golf sets on the market
  • Basic set, but OK for the beginner or if you only play occasionally
  • Plenty of forgiveness with this set will help you make poor shots look good!

The Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set has everything you need to get started with a new set of clubs that won’t break the bank. With three woods, six irons, and plenty of other equipment like a putter and stand bag included in this package for beginners or experienced golfers alike who are looking for an affordable full group of gear without all the extra pieces they don’t really need yet – it’s perfect!

You’re going to love the Precise set. With three woods, including a 460cc driver, fairway wood and hybrid all of which offer similar experience whether you’re teeing off or coming out from the fairway with their lightweight graphite shafts that keep your swing fast – this is one set for any player looking distance!

I have used the clubs a few times now at the driving range and have played a couple of 9-hole rounds with it and I am very happy.” – Review

The 6 irons will improve your golfing experience. Each iron has a deep groove system and large sweet spot which will provide you with high spin, starting at a 5-iron all the way up to pitching wedge.

The included blade putter just didn’t deliver the quality we were hoping for. The insert left a lot to be desired and our ball went everywhere but where it should have been going. If you want your set of clubs to perform at its best, then don’t overlook replacing that neglected putter!

The golf clubs fit nicely in the bag with room for everything you need and more. An ample stand bag offers several zippered pockets that can hold rain gear, towels or anything else you might want on a day out playing eighteen holes.

If you’re looking for a golf bag that will make your walks easier, the Precise has an adjustable strap system with shoulder pads and three head covers to protect your clubs from any rain.

The Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is a simple and stylish set that will be perfect for the average golfer.

8.Cobra Golf Women’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set

*Best Premium Set For Women Golfers – Beginner To Intermediate

Key Features:

  • Premium quality and brand
  • Low, heel weighting for higher shots
  • One of the best women’s golf sets on the market

With the most advanced features and a complete set of clubs, Cobra Golf is perfect for those just getting into the game. Your uncertainty will be eliminated with this package as it provides fairways, drivers, hybrids, mallets putters and irons to make every hit precise in any condition while growing your passion.

It amazes me how I can hit a ball directly at the target and it still goes in. It’s a miracle! The weight is perfect for my game because that’s where I need the most help.” – Review

The oversized clubhead on the 12.5* titanium driver means that you don’t have to worry about spending money for buying any additional accessories in order to be able to play a round of golf, and will allow both long-distance and forgiveness deliveries.

Meanwhile, one can take better advantage of their shot with the 3, 5*, or 7 wood thanks it its shallow profile which allows towering shots.

The driver and 5-Hybrid club set is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds on the golf course. The low, heel weighting for higher shots makes it easy to find your ball without having to walk too far into rough terrain.

You can also get cavity back graphite shaft construction with these irons which improves stability as well as forgiveness during mis-hits – not just by adding more bounce but also by reducing twisting at impact when you’ve hit off center!

The bag is sturdy and looks. These clubs are available in many colors so if black doesn’t appeal there’s an array of options out there that will look perfect in any golfer’s bag.

The Cobra golf set is for the serious women’s golfer who is looking to improve from beginner to intermediate with no need to update there clubs, as this golf set will last many years.

9.Precise M5 Ladies Womens Golf Clubs

Key Features:

  • Super lightweight graphite shafts that are durable and perfect for any golfer.
  • A wide mallet putter with a soft insert is perfect to ensure that your ball heads in the right direction and stays on course.
  • A 460cc driver boosts your drives.

The Precise M5 ladies club set will have you hitting the golf course with style and grace, no matter how often or infrequently you play.

This modern design features oversized clubheads that are easy to use for beginners through intermediate players of all skill levels.

The off-set is a lifesaver when it comes to getting your ball in the air on those flat shots where it’s tough just getting over that sand trap without even thinking about putting!

With this sleek new look and feel there won’t be anything holding back any golfer from having an excellent time out at their favorite course!

Whether you’re a beginner, avid player or can only get out once per year, these women’s clubs by Precision Golf make playing easier than

If you’re looking for a beginner’s golf set, look no further. This Precise Golf Set is perfect and includes all the equipment that any novice needs to get started on their new hobby!

There are plenty of clubs in this kit such as titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid irons 5-PW with graphite shafts–all matching bag and headcovers included too!!

The best part? Everything fits into one convenient stand bag so it can be carried like a backpack AND there are three different sizes available: petite (5’3″ or shorter), standard (5’3″- 5’8″) & tall (over).

10.Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite -1″ All Graphite Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

Key Features:

  • Great price and comes with 6 irons and 2 hybrids
  • 1 inch shorter clubs than normal length for those 5’6 or below
  • Lightweight graphite shafts

If you are a newcomer, the Palm Springs can help. The 460cc driver is legal and easy to use for beginners as it features an oversized sweet spot that will ensure your ball goes straighter and longer than with smaller ones.

The 460cc driver is the biggest that we offer and it has a huge sweetspot, meaning even if you don’t get your shots in the middle of the club head every time, you still have better results than with smaller clubs.

The graphite shaft helps give this club an amazing feel while providing more power to each swing.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found these clubs and their low price. The quality is great as well- it feels like they are actually worth so much more than what you’re paying for them!” – Review

The new hybrid clubs are light and easy to swing, but they’re also tough as nails. The #3 is a little easier than the #4 – you might even be able to get away with it when your ball lands in the rough! If not, don’t worry – these babies will still give you an advantage.

The 6 irons 5-6-7-8-9 PW all feature a cavity back design, which creates clubs with higher MOI (moment of inertia) and lower center of gravity. What does that mean? Well it means the club is more forgiving and more consistent than an iron without this technology.

The 15° #3 fairway wood is the perfect club for when you want to hit a low shot from off of grass, and it’s even more forgiving than your driver! 100% pure graphite shaft makes this great for women.

With the latest in golf club design, these clubs are built to be easy to use and forgiving. With all of them 1 inch shorter than normal length for those 5’6 or below, this is an ideal set for new and improving golfers alike!

Questions & Answers

Women’s golf has become increasingly popular over the last few years. In 1990, only 18% of golfers were women; in 2000 that percentage had grown to 26%; by 2010 it was 36%. Women are now outnumbering men on many amateur courses and often hold their own at high levels as well. What are the best golf clubs for a women beginner?

Choosing the best beginner golf clubs for a woman is not as simple as it may seem.

Some women are so petite that they can use men’s clubs, which typically have a shorter shaft and heavier head to provide more power for less experienced golfers.

If you’re not close to the average size of most female golfers—usually around five-foot-four inches tall and 110 pounds. There are so many different models of golf clubs for women to use and they all have their own pros & cons.

The first thing you should do when choosing beginner golf clubs, is to determine the type of club that fits your skill level best:

Driver – If you’re just starting out then this may not be the right for you.

Fairway Woods – This is a good choice for beginners. They are easy to hit and forgiving in the event that you make contact with the ball but don’t get it on the sweet spot, also known as “off-center hits”.

Hybrids – These clubs can be used for anything from short shots into greens or long drives

Irons – These clubs are designed to get the ball in the air with precision

Wedges – These clubs are used for shots that require a lot of control and accuracy. They can also be used as an alternative approach shot before making contact with the green

Putter – This is putter, it’s sole purpose is to help sink your golf ball into holes or cups

If you’re a more advanced lady golfer, you may want to look for clubs that are lighter and more forgiving.

Forgiving is a golf term that means the club is more forgiving in the event that you make contact with ball but don’t get it on sweet spot, also known as “off-center hits”. This will help you hit the ball more consistently.

Another benefit is that you’ll have less of a chance to pull your shots off the course, which will give you better control over how far you hit it, and allow for an easier recovery from any mistakes or mis-hits.

See also:

This also means that forgiving clubs are typically made with softer metals like steel – so be careful not to hit the ball with too much force, or you’ll find yourself with in a lot of trouble.

Graphite is not as hard and durable as steel, but it’s lighter weight allows for easier control over your shots without all the effort.

Some people like to use graphite shafts as a way to get the best of both worlds – getting more forgiving clubs, but not sacrificing control over your shots.

A final important thing to note is that you can’t just use any golf club on this list for women in order to improve accuracy or forgiveness. The perfect combination will usually be different from one person’s preferences

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

The difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs is that the shafts are made specifically for each gender.

Women typically have shorter, and lighter clubs than men because they tend to be shorter in stature and strength. Men often use heavier weight irons making their swings faster with a more powerful shot.

Graphite shafts will be lighter, and more flexible than steel shafts, offering better control over your shots.

Women typically use graphite shafts because they can’t generate the same swing speeds as men, and steel doesn’t flex enough for a woman’s short arm length.

Steel shafts have better durability than Graphite, which is why you will find more of them in higher-end clubs that are used by amateur and professional players.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to which material is the best for women golfers – some choices will be better suited to certain body types over others.

What height are women’s golf clubs designed for?

The height of women’s golf clubs are designed to be longer than men’s so that the club can reach over rough ground.

This is done because when a woman stands up, her arm is straight from shoulder to elbow and therefore cannot draw back as far on their shots.

Women also usually have smaller hands for gripping the clubs which means they need less space.

Having smaller hands can help with grip and is less likely to make the hands slip, and help with feel, when playing those delicate shots around the greens.

The height of women’ clubs is usually between 44 and 47 inches, while men’s clubs are typically 46 to 48 inches.

Of course women can also use men’s clubs, but it is worth having a set of clubs made for your height and size.

Female golfers often need more flexible shafts to give them a softer feel off the tee or on approach shots. £

Should I use ladies golf clubs?

This depends on your skill level and whether you are more comfortable with a lightweight club or one that is heavier.

The height of the clubs should be considered because women often need to adjust their swing due to this difference in reach on the ground.

Using men’s clubs can be a good way to teach you how to play, but they are often heavier and taller than women’s clubs.

One of the main differences between men’s golf clubs and ladies’ is that women use lighter irons or woods because they have less power in their swing.

women’s golf clubs generally have a shorter shaft because women are on average shorter than men.

What are the best golf brands for women?

Some of the best known golf brands for women include: Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping and Nike. Each brand has a variety of clubs that offer different features to accommodate just about any golfer’s needs.

These brands have been involved in golf for a long time, so they have the experience necessary to make high-quality golf clubs for men and women.

Callaway is arguably one of the most well-known brands in golf and has been making quality equipment since 1962. Their staff includes over 100 professionals that work on Callaways Tour Staff, including Annika Sorenstam.

If you are looking for an inexpensive set that is good quality and will last a long time, then non-branded clubs are a good place to start.

A beginner’s set will consist typically include a driver, three or four irons, one or two wedges, and putter. Women who are looking for a more advanced set should consider clubs from the same brand to ensure they will fit properly.

If you only plan to play a few rounds a year, you may want to consider the price of your clubs. Although, choosing a cheaper set you may need to replace them more often if you play regularly.

One option is to choose a used set of clubs from a reputable golf shop. You might find that you are able to purchase an excellent quality set for only slightly more than what you would pay for a beginner’s starter kit.

Do I need to get fitted for golf clubs?

If you’re a beginner, then this is something that may be worth considering. Not only do women have different sized hands than men (the typical woman’s hand size range is from about 40% smaller to 25% larger), but they also don’t typically swing the golf club as hard as many men who play competitively; these factors make a difference. If you’re not a intermediate player, then it’s probably fine to just buy what feels best in your hands.

Getting your golf clubs fitted is one way to ensure that you’ll be able to play more comfortably and with less risk of injury. Golf club fitting is a process, usually done by an experienced PGA Professional or Club Fitter who understands the nuances in female golfers’ swings – most importantly how they’re different from those of men.

A fitted set of golf clubs will help you strike the ball more consistently and hit it farther as well. Although, a fitted set of clubs will cost more than a set you buy off the rack or online, it will last longer and be more comfortable.

This is because of how personal golf club fitting takes into account not just your height but also things like grip size and length, shaft weighting in relation to your swing speed, adjustability for different clubs (some women prefer less loft on their irons which will reduce the chance of a shanked shot.)

A club head that is too large will not only be difficult to control, but can lead to injury such as a wrist or shoulder strain. That’s why it’s so important for women who play golf regularly to fit their clubs correctly – even if they don’t have any

Can Women Use Men’s Golf Clubs?

A great question! Women can absolutely use men’s golf clubs, but it may not be the best idea. Keep in mind that because of their different body shapes (most women have a narrower pelvis and shorter distance between shoulders) they need to play from a more open stance than some men do.

So while you might be able to get away with playing using men’s golf clubs, most women will find it more comfortable to play with a set of golf clubs designed specifically for their body.

Where should women beginner golfers buy clubs?

There are many benefits of visiting your local golf store before you buy anything online – it’s worth taking the time to find out about different brands and sizes that might work for you! Regardless, make sure that all new equipment feels comfortable in your hands: they should feel balanced. You will also be able to test the clubs with a simulator.

You might also want to consider buying from an online store, as prices can sometimes be better than those at a physical brick and mortar shop.

Or you could go the second hand route – there are plenty of golf clubs available that have been hardly used or never used before on sites like eBay. Buying used golf clubs online should be done with caution because it’s more likely that they will be of poor quality and won’t last long enough to give beginner golfers much improvement.

What does the term forgiveness mean in golf?

The larger the club head the more forgiveness the club allows you when striking the ball. As an amateur you want the club to be as forgiving as possible. The more forgiving the club, the less likely you are to suffer from a bad shot.

The less strength you have to hit the ball , the more forgiving you will need your club to be. Forgiveness is a major factor in what makes one golf club different from another, so it’s best to find out how much forgiveness you’re looking for and then pick the right clubs accordingly.

Most beginner sets will have clubheads size of around 460cc. These clubs will be good for a beginner, but the more you progress in your golf game and skills level the smaller clubhead you’ll need.

It is recommended that women who are new to golf should start with 460cc heads since they have less strength than men do when it comes to hitting the ball.

Hi! I’m Jane Fredman, a woman golfer from Erie, Pennsylvania. Writing about women’s golf has been my passion for the past 4 years.