The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Golf Clubs

Golfing is a fun and engaging sport that people of all ages enjoy. Once you start playing, it can become addictive because there are so many different rounds to play every day!

Knowing the best time of year to buy golf clubs depends on what type or club set you want. Unfortunately there is little information online about where and when to buy your golf clubs.

Luckily, this is where we can give advice for those who need help when is the best time of your to buy golf clubs.

When you’re thinking about purchasing your first set of golf clubs, it can be tough to know where to start. For many people the process is daunting and confusing at best so we want to help make that as easy as possible for you!

Check out:

You’ll find a wide range of different options on offer when shopping around but one great starting point if you’re looking for a new set would be the Wilson Ultra Complete Set which will give any new amateur players everything they need in order get started with their golfing journey without breaking the bank.

Alternatively if used second-hand items suit your needs better then there are plenty more deals available out there from various online shops like eBay, Amazon or Global Golf.

Holiday specials!

One of the best times to buy golfing equipment is during the holidays. Many popular golf retailers offer specials and promos for people who purchase new kits over Christmas, Father’s Day or even New Year’s Eve.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales are also a good time to search as these usually provide coupons and reduced prices on top products from big name brands!

You will need to be quick and it’s best to check out the prices before these days, as prices may appear cheaper, but in fact are not offering savings over the previous days.

Springtime bargains!

Springtime is a great time to shop for golf clubs. Manufacturers release their newest models at this time, and the previous year’s models will be significantly discounted from now until a few weeks into summer.

For those on tight budgets or if you’re looking for something new, it might just be worth taking advantage of these deals!

Fall – Into a new set of golf clubs

Fall is also great time to look for deals. After all those rounds on the course in warmer months, you’re probably feeling a little out-of-shape to go back so soon!

But fortunately for golfers everywhere, and especially those who want new clubs! retailers are doing promotions to sell their current models as they prepare for fall inventory.

So now might be your chance at getting some golf gear before it leaves the stores forever.

Winter – deals abound!

Winter starts mean one thing: deals are aplenty. Golf companies look to clear out their inventory before the end of year arrives, and this is your chance to get new gear for less than it usually would be during other seasons, just don’t wait too long, as soon as sale signs start appearing get your wallet at the ready or there won’t be anything left.

Online offers – All year round!

You’ve been waiting for your chance to buy some new golf equipment, is now the time? With online shopping and auctions you can find deals on golf clubs anytime of day or night in any season!

The best part is that these sites make it easy by comparing prices across different stores so you know where to get the most bang for your buck.

Always double check when buying from an online retailer that it’s not a scam. Websites can be set up in a few hours, and take your money before you know what has happened always check before you buy.

Check out some great websites including:

  • ebay
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Groupon
  • Global Golf

When to upgrade your golf equipment

You know that your old golf club is starting to show some wear and tear, but it still seems like you can get a few more rounds in with it before going ahead and buying another.

If not, though (especially if the material feels loose or there’s any dings) then we recommend checking out what new models are on offer so you’ll be able to enjoy playing again soon!

If your golf club’s edges are worn and torn, you need to get a new one because it will perform worse. Besides the putter grip or groover tool, these parts can make all the difference in how well your clubs work during playtime.

The efficiency of performance on any golf course is heavily dependent on three key components: a clean set for an even surface; sharp edged irons that won’t catch; and grips which don’t slip when wet.

Beginner golf

You might be wondering when is the best time to buy golf gear when you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve got a birthday or christmas is coming up,this is a good time to drop a few hints for a new set of clubs.

If you are a beginner, then we suggest selecting a full set that’s not too expensive, take a look online or speak to golfing friends. They may have some golf clubs they are looking to sell. or just put the word out at work or to non-golfing friends, there’s a chance they may know someone looking to part with a used set.

A visit to the local golf shop, and speaking with a member of staff will really help you find the right kit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they will want to help you, and make you a loyal customer.


I hoped we’ve helped and given you some ideas, when’s the best time of year to buy golf clubs.

As a new golfer probably just want to get your golf clubs a.s.a.p. I’ve been there, but a little thought and taking your time, and you could grab yourself a bargain.

These clubs are going to be with you some while so making the right choice can not only save you a few bucks, but also will improve your game.

So, keep your ear to the ground, and you could find yourself standing on the 1st tee next to your golf partner – with an awesome set of clubs you got for less than what they paid!