What do girls wear golfing

Polo shirts and Khaki shorts have been the golf wear for girls in the past. With younger and fashion conscious girls now playing golf, what girls want to wear on the golf course is changing.

Women’s golf today is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. According to the NGF (National Golf Federation) in 2019, 5.6 million female’s played golf, and 23% of on-course golfers are women.

With TV and media giving women’s professional golf more air time, young girls are now being inspired to take up the sport. The LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) is at the forefront of promoting women’s golf.

With women’s golf apparel being stuck in the past for too long. A new wave of professional women golfers are now pushing women’s golfing wear in to the 20th century.

With this explosion of interest, golf manufacturers are now starting to produce more fashionable golfing attire for young women golfers.

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Brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma & Adidas have been producing sportswear for decades, and now new brands are entering the market.

Dress code rules at golf clubs still need to be respected. The rules on golf attire are set by the clubs to keep uniformity of what is acceptable to wear on the golf course, and around the clubhouse.

To keep golf clubs membership active, and with so many new golfers being young women, the clubs have to be more adaptable in what they consider acceptable attire.

Of course, if you are going to be playing at a municipal golf course you’re free to wear whatever you like.

If you join a club it’s best to check their rules on proper golf attire before turning up at the first tee in a short vest top and skimpy shorts is going to annoy members.

What women can wear on the golf course

To the question  Does the LPGA have a dress code? The answer on the LPGA website quotes.

Yes, the LPGA does have a dress code. We allow sleeveless and collarless shirts to be worn during play. There is no specific length requirement on shorts or skirts. Denim, cut-offs, workout clothes are not allowed.



  • Can I wear yoga pants to play golf? Unless stated by the golf club, the answer is NO
  • Can you wear leggings to play golf? Unless stated by the golf club, the answer is NO
  • Can you wear joggers to play golf? Unless stated by the golf club, the answer is NO

A polo or sleeveless top is acceptable to wear on the golf course, there are no rules to what the color should be.

T-shirts, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstrings and similar tops would be risky to wear at most golf clubs.

When choosing branded or non-branded polo shirt be sure to find one that has a breathable fabric. You’re going to be walking the golf course for several hours.

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A skirt or skort is acceptable on most golf courses. They look smart and ideal for most days, if you’re playing in colder climates you would probably need to cover your legs.

Leggings are an option where the rules allow, or you could wear atylish capri pants or a longer golf pant.

Golf dresses are another option when looking for what to wear on the golf course. A dress is feminine smart and stylish. A sleeveless dress is suited to allow you to swing freely, and keep you cooler. The dress should be made of a stretch material to allow for free movement. Be sure to buy on that has pockets for your scorecard and other items.

Golf pants are a smart alternative to a skirt, they are less revealing and designed to give you room for movement but at the same time fit. Look for a pair that have stretch and moisture wicking to keep you dry.

A polo top is nice to wear on warmer days, but when the weather gets cooler an outer layer is what you’ll need to keep you warm. A looser top will give you the movement when swinging your golf club.

Walking the course you need your shoes to be comfortable lightweight and waterproof. You could be walking over 6000 yards on the average golf course. Golf shoes have changed over the years.

No more hard materials, golf shoes today use the latest technology, and feel more like a comfortable than the old style hard leather shoes. Spikeless shoes are available which can be worn on and off the golf course.

I wish we could play golf in the sun everyday, sadly, sometimes the weather is going to be wet.

You may start off in the sun, but weather can change quickly. So it’s best to be prepared. Carrying a set of waterproofs in your bag is a smart move.

Black or navy used to be the colors of choice. These days women’s waterproofs are available in many colors, so even on a grey day you can look your best.

Breathable fabrics and stretch fabrics give the golfer maximum movement without perspiration.

What to wear for golf if you don’t have golf clothes

If you’re a beginner and just starting out playing golf, you don’t need to go out and buy a new wardrobe of golfing attire. You probably want to spend your money on your golf clubs.

Golf is a sport that needs a lot of equipment. You’re going to need a set of clubs a golf bag, and some accessories, so spending money on clothes that you may have hanging in your closet is not so important.

What you need to remember is that the clothes you wear need to be comfortable and ideally let airflow through them. You’re going to be walking a up to 4 or 5 hours around an 18 hole golf course, so you want to stay fresh and not sweaty.

Also you need to be able to move easily without the clothes feeling tight. You’re going to be swing your golf club, bending down to read putts and carrying your golf bag.

A polo shirt that has some stretch is going to best to allow you to move and not feel tight. If the weather is warm, a skirt or skort, or a smart looking pants are going to be OK.

If you prefer to wear branded golf apparel or golf wear but don’y have the budget, then a consignment store could be a good alternative. If you live near an affluent area you could find a store that sells Nike, Puma, Callaway and other branded clothing at reduced prices.

Women’s golf wear accessories

Golf accessories allow you to add some nice touches to your golf gear. An adjustable golf visor for those sunny days, when you need some shade while taking your next shot is a must have accessory.

A golf visor might suit some or a full woman’s peak cap to protect you from the sun would be a more suitable choice. A cap should be adjustable and made of a stretch fabric to fit all sizes.

An accessory golfers don’t always think of is a pair of polarized sunglasses. They’re going to be occasions on the golf course when your lining up your next shot and the sun is going to be in your eyes. A good quality pair of sunglasses will be must have addition to your golfing equipment.

To get a firm grip of your club you’re going to need a good quality golf glove. A glove should fit tightly and have perforations to allow moisture to escape. The glove is worn on the left hand for right handed players and vice versa.

To finish off your outfit you will need some athletic socks to avoid your feet rubbing on your golf shoes, they also absorb moisture to keep you feet dry and comfortable.

In conclusion

Golf wear for women is now becoming part of everyday fashion. Top brands are bringing out collections every year and women’s media is reporting on the latest golf fashions. If you’re a young girl or older women you have never had so many choices to look good on the golf course.

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